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You can't use the sink anymore because it has become a pool of waste water, that just refused to go through the drain, it was showing signs of clogging, but hot water just couldn't get rid of the clogging, now your sink is blocked, and your once beautiful kitchen is now becoming an eye sore, you can't even enter the kitchen anymore because of the smell, worse you have a very demanding job and you don't have time to take care of it.

This is just one of the numerous problems many home owners face, when trying to deal with clogged drains, most times the drain gets totally blocked all because some homeowners are trying to save money, so they try unclogging the drains themselves. They forget the fact that drain cleaning is a serious business, and requires the skills of professionals along with special equipment.

Yes it might be easy for anyone to take care of your drains, if the drain was just a straight pipe, but the plumbing system in your homes are usually quite complex, with a lot of twists and bends, so handling the drains yourself has very little or no effects, worse you could come in contact with a lot of diseases and harmful bacteria that are found in drain pipes, especially the sewers, so when your drains starts getting clogged, it would be best to call a professional plumber.

We have all the equipment and personnel needed to efficiently clean up your drains, no matter how complex your plumbing system may be. Our professional plumbers are fully equipped with state of the art equipment and will clean up your drains in no time. Our drain cleaning services include:

  • Clogged Toilets: having a clogged or overflowing toilet is very embarrassing, and could make your life at home very uncomfortable. Our plumbers will get rid of all the clogs and blocking your toilet, so you can have your toilet back.
  • Clogged sinks and bath tubs: food particles, fats, grease, dirt, soap, hairs etc. depending on the location of the drain, are the main cause of clogging in drain pipes, and we know just how to get them off completely so your sink can run smoothly for a long while.
  • Drain repairs and replacements: if you have a faulty drainage, we would make sure that your drains are repaired, and the pipes replaced if the damage to the drains is beyond repair, making sure that your drains are in good condition.

So if your drains are giving you trouble, why not give us a call, and we will get it done in no time.

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  • Burst Pipe Repair
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